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About the course

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It is held for approximately two months at different locations. And there will be for sure some mismatches with your other classes.
Each time there will be a lecturer talking about a special topic or about her/ his research. Which could be interesting if they know how to present.
Some do, pretty well. But unfortunately in most cases you will get powerpoisoned, and running away screaming is no option, as attendance is required...

At the end, or during the class you pick up a presentated topic and you write a short summary about it (~5 pages). More informations about this will be given to you during the first lectures. This summary also needs a paragraph that says where and when you got it from. So again, attendance required.
But fortunately there is no exam at the end, so once you are done with the paper, you just need to wait a long time for your grades.

Guess that`s all. More about it can be found in other forums and in the lecture forums of the last years....


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